tease and denial

tease and denial

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I've read that creating a Dom can be a much more fruitful endevour than going about finding one and I am dicovering that to be true. As my husband and I are no longer open, he is it for me. And I'm happy to see that he's falling into his role very smoothly. At times, alarmingly well.

My schedule is weirdly open these days and I'd love to do a little online/long distance playtime and short term denial.

I had an orgasm last night. First in a week. Not a long stretch and the only reason I got one if because I was tossing and turning all night and in the past, orgasms sometimes help me to fall asleep.

Had a fantastic couple of orgasms last night. I expected my body to feel back to normal today, but even though I haven't edged today (taking a day off) I still want to touch myself, and I still feel slightly crampy.

Hubby was finally feeling well enough to fuck me today. I was waiting for him to get out of the shower so I laid on the bed and surfed the edge for 10-15 minutes. I kept myself right on the edge the whole time. It felt fantastic and very frustrating.


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