orgasm denial

orgasm denial

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I had an orgasm last night. First in a week. Not a long stretch and the only reason I got one if because I was tossing and turning all night and in the past, orgasms sometimes help me to fall asleep.

Today I have not edged yet, although I probably will soon. I've finished school for the day and my husband has left to run errands. He's not feeling well, otherwise I'd be pouncing on him. Despite not edging, I have this unbearable tension downstairs that is driving me nuts.

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This young lady reminds me of one of the first times I started controlling when someone could cum when I was fucking her in College. Her boyfriend was going to College in the next state over. Somehow she came up with the idea in her own head that if only he made her cum it would be alright...

Of course, I loved making women cum so I tried really hard to convince her. But it wasn’t enough for me that, in the moment, she’d asks me to make her cum. No no, she had to do it before I started to tease her when she was still clear headed.


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