female orgasm denial


female orgasm denial

Female Orgasm Denial (specifically)

In a pure sense of the word, female orgasm denial is the practice of not allowing submissive women the freedom to orgasm. Applied absolutely, it would mean not ever allowing a woman to have an orgasm. In practice, almost no submissives are truly denied. Even very long-term players, months or even over a year, generally get to cum at least sometimes. And realistically there aren't many individuals that go much beyond a few weeks to a few months. Even within the orgasm denial community it is reasonably rare.

Female Orgasm Denial (Generally)

Much more commonly, female orgasm denial is used to describe a family of practices around short to long-term denial of a woman's orgasms. This can be compared to tease and delay (T&D) which generally just last a few hours and culminates ideally in an orgasm for the female sub. Orgasm denial can last anywhere from a day or two up to months or even over a year. Some common activities include:

  • General D/s (Domination/submission) and Power Exchange
  • Other BDSM activities such as bondage and impact play
  • Edging (getting close to the point of orgasm but not quite)
  • Chastity (with or without a chastity belt)
  • Tease and Delay (T&D)
  • Forced orgasms
  • Begging

Why Orgasm Denial?

Female orgasm denial is enjoyed by both straight and lesbian couples as well as a cross-section of different D/s relationships ranging from very casual players to TPE (Total Power Exchange) and DD/lg (Daddy Dom/little girl) and everything in between. The reasons for enjoying this sort of play are as diverse as those who play but there are some common themes.

  • Intensifying the D/s relationship
  • Increased bond between dominant and submissive
  • Orgasm denial's ability to bring about subspace without pain
  • The physical intensity of denial, especially with teasing
  • The underlaying sensations of denial that a sub experiences almost continuously
  • How well orgasm denial and control can be incorporated into long-distance/online relationships


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One of my hottest real life experiences, when my pregnant wife was told she could not have sex or orgasms for six months.

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I've been a starfish lover my whole marriage. Not initiating, not really into it all that much when we did have sex. After we got into it a bit, I'd get going, but sex for me was kinda one of those things I "supposed" I should do to keep my husband happy. It wasn't on my list of priorities.

I'm really into the organs denial thing, but on the second day I get really emotional. How can I not do that? It makes Sir not wanna do it. 

I am not so new to female orgasm denial. I do have one dream, though, that is difficult to explore since there is simply so little information online.

Female Tease of the Day 26

1. Remain clothed, but you may work around your clothes.
2. Edge as quickly as you can however you'd like then stop.
3. Repeat every hour.
4. No other touching is allowed.

You may not cum today


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