Accidental Ruined Orgasm

klcmcc's Denial Log for Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:00pm

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Are you being controlled?: 
Yes - Illicit, ruined
If yes, how long/many?: 
~2 hours

     Despite being allowed a single orgasm on Wednesday morning, I was soaking wet and desperate to edge when I got home from work. My Dom and I were chatting on kik and I was scrolling through denial blogs on tumblr while lightly rubbing my clit. After nearly an hour, I was quickly approaching my edge and begging my Dom for permission to cum. He obviously denied me, saying that it was awfully greedy and selfish of me to expect a 2nd orgasm in the same day.

     Shortly after, he went to bed while I continued to look at porn on tumblr and rub my clit. I felt my orgasm coming and convinced myself that I could hold out for a few more seconds.... but then I felt myself falling over the edge. I immediately pulled my hand away and waited for my pussy to stop clenching helplessly. Certainly a ruined orgasm means that I won't be in as much trouble, right?      

     Im still horny, wet, desperate and aching the morning after and there's no indication that my Dom will be allowing me an orgasm anytime soon.