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Title Member Posted Rated Synopsis
Her Torment RabtheRanter Aug 6, 2017
Nikki submits to a dominant couple that tease and deny her relentlessly.
Tease Slut RabtheRanter Aug 6, 2017
Kara has her own tease slut locked up in her basement. She's been constantly teased and denied for three months. Today is her anniversary and Kara has something special planned.
Unintentional Female Orgasm Denial zoltar34787 Jun 22, 2017
One of my hottest real life experiences, when my pregnant wife was told she could not have sex or orgasms for six months.
Who is this? Zol May 2, 2017
A mysterious phone call distracts her from the teeming office just outside her door. Who is he? And why does she let him have this control over her body?
For Your Pleasure darkart1669 Mar 20, 2017
Tricia pays for her education by participating in a unique art exhibition.