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Here you will find the personal writings of many members. Thoughts on denial from all points of view, experiences, and random musings. As well, those being denied have the opportunity to document their orgasms and denial activities through orgasm and denial logs. Every registered member can do this automatically.

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Recent Blogs and Logs

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anilroy24 edging Jul 12, 2017

i want a edging teacher 4 edging msg me in skypi anil.roy24 

Denial_Switch Traveling & denied - summertime and the longing is easy Jun 27, 2017

I travel every summer and this separates me from my dominant partner. The travel is family related and fun and I enjoy it. But neither he nor I enjoy being apart for a whole month. Fortunately we will be able to meet up part way through. Yay!

denial, Control, tease, service
ladygodiva310 Big boo boo Jun 19, 2017

I made a big mistake. I missed my pill after the week break for that time of the month. Sir deducted 20 points, and no sex at all for a week. His rule is I can only orgasm on his dick or his mouth. Oral is a special reward so I have no chance .

Submissive, denial, punishment
SenecaSky The Making of a Dom... Jun 13, 2017

I've read that creating a Dom can be a much more fruitful endevour than going about finding one and I am dicovering that to be true. As my husband and I are no longer open, he is it for me. And I'm happy to see that he's falling into his role very smoothly. At times, alarmingly well.

edging, tease and denial, orgasm control, ruined orgasm
Mike Denial game Jun 6, 2017

Heyho all.

self denial, denial games, edging, all gender, randomness