Happy One Month Anniversary for Female Orgasm Denial

Happy One Month Anniversary to all Female Orgasm Denial Fans!

The site was launched October 17th and it's been a moderately wild ride. There have been some bumps and minor glitches but overall things have gone as smoothly as anyone could hope for. A special shout out to all the "regulars" who have been so vital in keeping the place feeling lively and active, whether in chat, posting videos, blogging and logging, and just being a tremendous support. You all know who you are!

Traffic has been steadily growing and we are now averaging about 100 visitors a day. This is outstanding given how young the site is and is a testament to how many people are interested to female orgasm denial and also how great a community we are building here. But with growth, comes some new challenges.

The big issue right now is chat. The site is using a free version of a third party provider. This means we are limited to one room and just 10 chatters at one time. There have been times when people have either been kicked out of chat or have been unable to login. The solution to this problem is moving to the paid version. And of course it costs money. What we are asking for is not a lot. A one Year Premium Membership costs just $5. That's right, $5 for a whole year. If we get 42 more people to become members, then we can upgrade. So please, if you enjoy this site and want it to rock, please kick in.

Thanks so much to everyone who has already taken this step! Your support means more to me than I can express.