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    I really enjoyed reading that, great job!

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    Thank you for your kind words no_pleaseno_. I also have a series of stories about a girl called Peaches that is even more brutal and extreme but I think the're too long to be posted here. I might try posting one of them and see how it goes.

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    Wow... Both of your stories are just so brutal and extreme. Especially the crying and the sobbing. I loved reading both of them. Thanks for sharing both of these!

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    My master found this online and has requested I purchase this chastity device. Can you please direct me on where I can purchase this or something very similar. 

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    My ex locked me 3 years ago.  I still have not been released.  We have since broke up, my keys were given to a friend of hers, who took it upon herself to go through my Facebook and find another owner.  I know serve my new Keyholder who has not and doesn't look like she is going to give me a release for quite a while.  I'm finally starting to embrace denial and living for anothers pleasure since mine are gone forever.