JuNo Challenge

gamingqueen's Denial Log for Wed Jun 7, 2017 3:00pm

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Are you being controlled?: 
No Orgasm
If yes, how long/many?: 
9 times

Well... I decided in the beginning of June that I take part in the "JuNo Challenge". It's a challenge designed by a tumblr blog and - as you all can easily guess - tells you to not cum for the whole of June. 

My last orgasm was somewhere in the end of May - some time around the 25th. 

I told my girlfriend about JuNo and she is teasing me some days. But I edge at least three times everyday. 

After almost 6 days I'm getting really horny and don't know how I can make it through the whole month. I'll try my best but I can feel the urge to edge grows stronger everyday. I edged 9 times already today... And the day is not over. 

But I'll make it and hope, that my girlfriend teases me a little more tonight since I'm visiting my mum tomorrow and stay there a night. 

We'll see... I try to keep this log updated! 

Wish me luck.